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October 21, 2019
Home Gym Installation Pittsburgh

Don’t want to pay for a gym membership? Consider working out at home. Working out in the comfort of your own home is not only more convenient and more comfortable for many people but with the right fitness plan and equipment, it can also be very effective.

To ensure your home gym equipment doesn’t begin collecting dust, it is crucial to have an efficient fitness routine to help keep you consistent with your workouts, even when life gets busy.

Types of Exercises

In this time-saving workout routine, there are a variety of exercises featured, including:

Lat Pulldown. Using an overhand grip, palms facing you with your hands right outside of the shoulders, grip the long straight bar. While keeping your head and back straight, pull your shoulder blades together. Pull down as you pull the long bar to the top of your chest. Pause, and resist the weight as the bar rises back up above your head.

Military Press. Grab a barbell with an overhand grip and your hands spaced shoulder-width apart or a little bit more. Hold the barbell out at your collarbones. Keep your back in its normal alignment while pressing the bar over your head until your arms are straight. Do not lock your arms. Return slowly to the starting position.

Bench Press. Lie down on a bench, gripping the barbell with an overhand grip, where your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Hold the barbell over your collarbones with straight arms. Pull your shoulder blades together, slowly lowering the bar to just above your nipples. Pause and then press the barbell up and slightly back until it is back in line with your collarbones.

Hanging Knee Raise. Place each of your arms in the sleeves of the knee raise station, hanging with your knees bent. Keep your knees at this angle throughout the set. Tilt your pelvis. Using your ab muscles, raise your knees until your thighs are lined up with your belly button. Pause, slowly lowering your legs.

Barbell Squat. Stand holding the bar with an overhand grip that is slightly wider than shoulder-width and rest the bar on the back of your shoulders. Keep your back straight and lower yourself down, like you were sitting back into a chair. Begin to lower yourself with your hips, not your knees. Stop descending when your thighs become parallel to the floor. Pause, then push back up for the next rep.

Lying Triceps Extension. Lie down on the bench. Hold an EZ-curl bar over your forehead with your arms extended and keeping your elbows in the same spot throughout the rep. Bend your elbows and lower the bar toward your forehead. Pause and then press the bar back up.

Twisting Incline Dumbbell Curl. Sit holding a pair of dumbbells in each hand. Hold your hands at your sides with your palms in. Keep your upper arms tucked in at your sides as you slowly curl the weights up to your shoulders as you twist your wrists inward, palms facing your shoulders. Squeeze, hold the position, and then lower the weights.

Combine These Exercises with This Routine at Your Home Gym

This routine contains three “supersets.” A superset is a form of strength training where you will move quickly from one exercise to another without taking a rest in between. This is an efficient way to do more exercises within your allotted work out time. They also help you build stamina and challenge your abilities.

1st Superset

4 Bench Presses
5 Hanging Knee Raises

Single Set

5 Military presses

2nd Superset

3 Lat Pulldowns
2 Barbell Squats

Single Set

5 Military presses

3rd Superset

7 Lying Triceps Extensions
6 Twisting Incline Dumbbell Curls

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