Sport Court of Pittsburgh, located in the South Hills, is an authorized dealer of Sport Court products and services. With access to the full line of Sport Court products, we are your answer to your residential or commercial court building needs.

Indoor Surfaces

Response HG™

Response HG surfaces are designed to absorb shock and prevent fatigue, concussions and injury. Plus, our patented Lateral Forgiveness™ provides protection against stress on knees and joints. In addition to its safety features, thesurface is incredibly durable due to SportGuard™, a high gloss that lasts for the life of your warranty and brings the best look to your facility.

Maple Select™

Our Maple Select product gives you the look and feel of playing on a real hardwood court. While this surface must be regularly maintained, it is built to last a lifetime, saving you money in the end. One of its features—unmatched by the industry—is the ball response. Maple Select delivers the same dribbling response as a hardwood court.

Response: Retrofit & Customizable™

Response™ is the perfect low-maintenance, low-cost solution to aging floors. Completely customizable, Response uses the same technology as Response HG™ and Maple Select™ to provide athletes with improved shock absorption and reduction in joint strain.


Defense is a popular choice for elementary and middle schools, as well as activity centers. It is designed to withstand high traffic from a multitude of sports without costly refinishing. With its quick installation and low cost, this surface is ideal for organizations and facilities with a limited budget.

Outdoor Surfaces

Power Game™

Recognized as the safest outdoor court in the world, Power Gameis built using the highest quality materials and UV stabilizers, giving athletes the lowest skin abrasions of any outdoor court surface.

Sport Deck™

A low-cost, low-maintenance ideal solution for families of racquetball players, Sport Deck can fit on top of most hard surfaces. Its textured surface provides great ball control and wet traction for racquet sports. As with most Sport Court surfaces, athletes experience a reduction in joint strain and fatigue, while playing on Sport Deck.

Sport Base™

Designed to be placed under a Game Court system, Sport Base uses 100% recycled material. This eco-friendly choice eliminates the need for concrete and increases player safety.



Sport Court SlamSystems™ feature ½” tempered glass backboards, giving you professional-grade playability and rebound. Adjustable for any player’s height, its sturdy construction and padded poles keeps athletes of all ages safe during play. As an added feature, the specialized powder-coated steel provides superior corrosion protection for durability and a lifetime of use.


Witha Sport Court™ light system, you can choose between single and double headed lights allowing for continued play after the sun goes down.


Sport Court™ Reboundersare a great way to practice when your team is not around. They are available in two sizes: 10×10 and 10×20. The Rebounders include a frame kit, black rebounder net, black bottom apron, 15 adjustment straps,35 tension bands, white line marker and center tie strap. This feature can easily be incorporated into your court design.

Multi-Purpose Net Systems

The quick an easy transition of our net systems allow for change of sport in a matter of minutes. From tennis to volleyball to pickleball, the simple pulley and crank system accommodates a range of sports.

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