Improve Your Basketball Skills with these Drills

April 12, 2021
Basketball Court

Practice makes perfect is a phrase every athlete has heard from a coach or a parent. While you may have excellent shooting skills, you also need to build your endurance on the court. This is where conditioning drills come in.

These basic drills will help you up your endurance with jumping and running and help you become more accustomed to shooting, dribbling, etc., while you are fatigued. You can practice these conditioning drills on your home sport court to take your skills to the next level for the upcoming basketball season.

Half Court Sprints

Begin at the baseline and sprint to the half-court line. Return to the baseline and repeat this move ten times.

Basic Drill

Run from sideline to sideline for one minute. Keep track of how many times you cross the court and rest for one minute.

Full Court Sprints

Begin at the baseline and sprint the full court to the other baseline. Touch the baseline and then return to the starting baseline, repeating this five times.

Ladder Drill/Hopscotch

For this drill, you will need a rope ladder. Begin with both feet in the box of the ladder and jump forward, landing with the right foot outside of the next box. Jump back into the next box using both feet. Then, jump to the next box with the left foot landing outside of the box. You can also draw a hopscotch pattern on the sidewalk to complete this drill.


Begin at the baseline and run to the first free throw line. Tap the line with your hand, running back to the baseline. Run to the half-court line, tap it, and return to the baseline. Run to the far free-throw line, tap it, and return to the baseline. Lastly, run to the far baseline, tap it, and return.

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