Quarantine Workouts Staying Fit at Home

January 26, 2021
Home Gym Workout

With the recent changes to COVID-19 safety regulations, your gym may be shut down, or you may have decided that you are more comfortable working out from the comfort of your home. To help you get into a home workout routine, we’ve put together some of the top quarantine workouts to try while getting fit at home.

Chair Squats

This is a simple exercise that you can use during your workout time or throughout the day. To begin this exercise, stand in front of a chair, feet hip-width apart. Stand up straight and then slowly lower your body down toward the chair without sitting down. Straighten your body and repeat these steps.
Be sure to keep your ankles and knees aligned during the squat, placing your weight on your heels for proper form.

Yoga Push-ups

Push-ups are a great exercise, but with yoga push-ups, you can add an extra twist with a hip hike. To begin, get into a push-up position and lift your hips into the air. You should be in an inverted V position. Slowly lower your hips, take your chest close to the floor, and then back into the starting push-up position. You then go back into the inverted V position and repeat.

Leg Raises

Lay down on your back and raise your legs. Keeping your legs straight, lift them up to the ceiling until your butt is lifted from the floor. Slowly, lower your legs down until they are back just above the floor. Hold in that position for a second, raise your legs, and then repeat.

Standing Bicycle

Stand up straight and place your hands behind your head. Lift your leg as you twist your body to the left, tap your foot down, and repeat this motion. Once you complete a set, repeat the same steps on the right side. During this exercise, keep your spine straight, and when you raise your leg, make sure it comes near your knee.

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