What is Dek Hockey?

September 27, 2022
Dek Hockey Court

Dek hockey is a variation of ice hockey and is also known as gym hockey or street hockey. Dek hockey is played wearing shoes rather than skates and uses a ball rather than a puck. It consists of three 15-minute periods of play with a 3-minute intermission provided between each period.

Dek hockey began in the 1970s when Raymond W. Leclerc built the first three outdoor dek hockey courts in Leominster. He also invented the no-bounce orange ball that is used for ball hockey and dek hockey, making him the founder of street hockey and dek hockey.

How Did Dek Hockey Get Its Name?

Dek hockey is played on a rink made of tiles that are called dek surfaces, named after the material of the boards. This support came from playing street hockey and has evolved to playing on tile or deks that are made from both indoor and outdoor rinks. The name came from players referring to the sport court as the dek and saying they were dek hockey.

What Equipment is Used to Play Dek Hockey?

Dek hockey is a great sport for all and takes little equipment to get started. You will need protective gear, gloves, running shoes, a helmet, shin guards, and a hockey stick. You will also wear a colored jersey, and the opposing players will wear a different color to help keep the groups separate.

How Big is a Dek Hockey Rink?

Dek hockey rinks are typically built to accommodate either teams of three against three or four against four. You will find these common dek hockey rink sizes:

  • 100x50ft to accommodate 3×3 play
  • 120x60ft to accommodate 4×4 play
  • 155x80ft to accommodate 5×5 playYou may also find hybrid rinks that are 105 x 55 ft or 140 x 60 ft.

Ready to Build Your Dek Hockey Rink? We Can Help!

At Sport Court of Pittsburgh, we have the expertise and the innovative materials you need to create a custom dek hockey rink right in your own backyard! Contact us today to get started!

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