Winter Preparation for Your Sports Court

September 5, 2018
Basketball Courts Pittsburgh

Sports Court of Pittsburgh’s cold weather tips for extending the life of your sports court.

Fall is just around the corner and there is no better time to enjoy your sports court. With fall sports gearing up, it’s a great place for your little athletes and sports lovers alike to practice, train or burn some calories before the chill of winter forces us indoors. Whether your kids are involved with team sports or you are simply sports fanatics, the fall is a great time to enjoy soccer, touch football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and dek hockey. Your sports court can be used nearly all year long, as long you can stand the cold and you prepare your court for the change of seasons. This month, Sports Court of Pittsburgh shares some tips on preparing your sports court for the winter.

Rake the Leaves

The fall in Pittsburgh is always filled with beautiful scenes of brilliant oranges, reds, and yellows. And, while the leaves are wonderful to look at, they can create a slippery sports court if you don’t rake them when the leaves fall. Fallen leaves, paired with even the smallest amount of precipitation, can pose danger to players on your sports court. As a result, a friendly pick-up game of basketball can quickly turn into a twisted ankle or another slip and fall-related injury.

If injuries aren’t enough, piles of leaves create moss and mildew which will result in stains on the court. While sports courts can easily be cleaned with cold water, a mild detergent and a brush, who wants another chore once the spring gets here!

Repairing Cracks and Holes

If you’re noticing cracks or holes in your sports court flooring, its best to get them repaired before the winter causes them to worsen. Holes and cracks are susceptible to water seepage and the freeze and thaw of snow and ice will cause them to expand and create further damage. Get a jump on the spring by repairing your sports court now.

Remove the Nets

Before the winter goes into full swing, you’ll want to remove any basketball, tennis and volleyball nets to preserve their integrity for later use. Snow and ice will damage them, rendering them useless and in need of replacement come the spring. Save on replacements costs and remove all netting and store them somewhere dry so you can get back outside once the winter fades to spring.

Preparing your sports court for the winter means years of fun in the sun! Sports Court of Pittsburgh is your official sports court builder in Western PA and West Virginia. Visit us online or call us at 412-224-0639 or 412-337-4758 for all your residential and commercial sports court needs!


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Jay Nagy - J Bird's
Jay Nagy

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