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April 2, 2019
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Pittsburgh commercial court flooring installation.

There are a lot of things to consider when installing or replacing a hardwood maple commercial court.  Basketball and other court sport installations will require architects, contractors and a flooring distributor. It’s a big investment and one that takes time to research. Whether you’re the athletic director of a Division 1 university or you manage a neighborhood recreation facility, Sport Court of Pittsburgh is offering up their advice on what to consider when shopping around for commercial court installation in Pittsburgh.

Sports to consider

Probably the most common use of a commercial court is for basketball. With that, presents the opportunity to play another court favorite, volleyball. If you represent a high school or grade school setting, your court will likely double as a place for gym class when students can’t go outside. This expands further to school assemblies and school dances.  If you manage a gym, you may be installing a new yoga room or a squash and racquetball court. That said, there are court systems that cater to gyms hosting a multitude of sports, including large bleacher systems for fans and students. And, there are others that will typically never hold more than 4 people, like racquetball. When considering your court options, first outline all the uses it will serve.

Who will to use the commercial court?

As you think about what sports your court will host, think about the range of athletes who will use it. Will your gym cater strictly to 18-22 year old college athletes? Or, is your recreation facility open to folks of all ages and skill levels? When choosing a court, you should factor in the proper amount of shock absorption and ball bounce you’d expect from those using your court. A gym floor used routinely by several teams of collegiate athletes will produce more ball bounce and require more shock absorption than a group of first graders playing dodge-ball. Consider the range of athletes using the court as it will help in your decision process.

Climate in the Gym.

Some gyms get hot and stuffy during use. Others have top-notch ventilation systems regulating the airflow and humidity. Either way, humidity will play a role in your commercial court because maple hardwood will expand and contract with the moisture in the air. A reputable commercial court installation company will be well-versed in the topic of how wood interacts with humidity. If you are replacing a court due to water-damage, be sure the water problem is resolved before making a large replacement investment.

Choosing an anchored resilient, floating or portable floor.

There are three types of commercial courts available when choosing sport court flooring. An anchored resilient floor is permanently attached to a substrate, like concrete. You’ll find these in your college or high school gyms. A floating floor is one that isn’t fastened but can still be used as a permanent surface. This is the economical choice for many elementary and church gyms or yoga studios. Portable floors are those found at convention centers or arenas where sports will sometimes be played, but need taken down for the next event.

Choosing the Grade of Maple Hardwood

First things first. Grading applies to aesthetic appeal, not structural integrity. While there is a difference in price, choosing the grade of wood comes down personal preference.

    • First Grade:This is the highest grade of the Maple Flooring Manufactures Association’s (MFMA) court flooring. It’s hand-picked for the most natural look is the most monochromatic of all grades.
    • Second Grade: This is the most widely used of the wood grades and offers a slight variation in court flooring color.
    • Third Grade: This grade is the most affordable of all three and will hold up just as well as its costlier counterparts. It simply has a higher color contrast in the wood.

As mentioned before, all three maple court flooring grades are created equal – structurally speaking. First grade, however, does offer some benefits to the athlete as the monochromatic color allows game lines to be seen very clearly. Consider these factors if you’re dealing with competitive sports.

If you’re building a new commercial court or replacing the gym flooring of an existing one, Sport Court of Pittsburgh is here for all your Pittsburgh commercial court installation needs. We are a city heavily invested in sports, so be sure to contact us with any questions surrounding your next Pittsburgh court flooring installation.

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Jay Nagy - J Bird's
Jay Nagy

Owner & Founded of J Bird's Landscaping & Owner Sport Court of PA. 18+ Years of experience in Pittsburgh Sport court installation, lawn cutting, patio installation, trucking/hauling, French drain installation, and other landscape/design services.

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