An Explanation to Land Grading

March 20, 2021
Land Excavation for Sport Court

Before installing your sport court or completing other landscaping and hardscaping projects, you may have to grade your land. Land grading means to level the surface. When we grade your land, we take dirt from the higher areas and move it to the lower areas to help create a level surface that will serve as the foundation for your sport court installation.
In some cases, we will need to bring additional dirt to achieve your project’s level of surface. Land can be graded flat and level or sloped depending on your needs. For example, if you are having a sport court installed, you will need to have the land graded flat, whereas if you were trying to direct rainwater away from your home’s foundation, you would need to slope the land down and away from your home.

What Types of Land Grading are There?

Every piece of land is different, with its own natural grading, vegetation, and soil composition. Each piece of land has different needs, which is why there are several types of grading.

Bobcat Land Grading

A Bobcat is versatile and can be used to scoop and move dirt. It can also be used with another attachment that can flatten and smooth out the surface.

Excavation for Land Grading

In some cases, to get the level surface you need, a hole will need to be made. Excavation is when you dig down to create a low-lying area, such as for the foundation of a sport court or other structure.

Drainage Solutions for Every Project

Every project needs to have the proper drainage solutions. By grading the land on a slope, the water will run downhill and into runoff or drainage pipes installed in the ground.

Topsoil Installation for Grading

In some cases, your land may not have enough dirt in the immediate area to grade the land properly, requiring topsoil to be brought in to help fill out the area.

Surface Smoothing Land Grading

If your land is not flat enough for your sport court installation, surface smoothing can be done to provide a flat level surface.

Professional Sport Court Installation Services

Land grading is a crucial part of your sport court installation. Depending on how your land is sloped, we may need to grade the land to ensure we have a smooth, level surface to serve as a strong foundation for your sport court.

A sport court is a great addition to any Pittsburgh property. Whether you need a place to practice your basketball skills or want a multipurpose space for family activities, Sport Court of Pittsburgh has you covered! Contact us today to learn more.

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Jay Nagy - J Bird's
Jay Nagy

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