Dek Hockey Courts

At Sport Court of Pittsburgh, we specialize in both indoor and outdoor dek hockey courts to meet the needs of your players or your family. We have decades of experience in dek hockey court installation and provide a variety of customizable templates for home dek hockey courts and courts for parks, community centers, and schools.

Getting Started with Your Dek Hockey Court Installation Today

At the start of the installation process, you will work with our certified CourtBuilders™ to choose the dimensions of your dek hockey court and customize the installation of your court. At this point in the process, you will also choose the material color and will have a chance to choose from additional elements such as fencing and lighting to optimize your dek hockey court.Dek Hockey Court

If you choose to have your court installed outside, our experienced team will determine the best placement for your dek hockey court by taking measurements to ensure your available space can accommodate the court.

Before we complete the dek hockey court installation, we may need to grade the land to provide a level area for our construction to begin. Our team has the tools and the knowledge needed to grade your land or bring in the dirt necessary to create a level surface for your dek hockey court installation.

Once we’ve prepared your property, we can begin the dek hockey court installation process. For most of our modular floor systems, there is little to no construction required. This allows us to perform installations or total gym retrofits and renovations in only a few days.

Benefits of a Sport Court Dek Hockey Court Installation

When you choose a dek hockey court from Sport Court of Pittsburgh, there are a variety of benefits that you can your players can enjoy, including:

Safety – With all the running and quick movements, dek hockey is a high-impact sport on your joints. With our Lateral Forgiveness, our dek hockey courts allow for slight movement between the tiles. This movement helps to absorb the transition forces that are caused by sudden shifts in direction, which helps to reduce the risk of injuries to the joints and muscles.

Fade-resistant colors – Our courts are equipped with color technology and UV protection to ensure your court’s colors remain vibrant, even for outdoor courts.

Quick installation – Typically, you can expect our modular flooring to be installed in a fraction of the time it takes for other sports surfaces to be installed.

Sport Court Pittsburgh offers efficient installation, safe surfaces, and vibrant colors, making us your top choice for dek hockey court installation!

Schedule Your Dek Hockey Court Installation Today!

At Sport Court of Pittsburgh, our experienced team of certified CourtBuilders™ is prepared to help you customize the perfect dek hockey court for your home or commercial property! Contact us today to get started.

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