How do I maintain my Sport Court game court?

Caring for and maintaining your Sport Court is simple and easy. To keep debris off of the surface, you can use a blower, a broom, or a hose. The water drains quickly through the open grid, so it will be ready and safe to play on soon after rain showers. It is recommended to have our court builders visit each year to conduct an inspection and cleaning, replace any nets or balls, grease and check components, and power wash the sub-surface of the court.

How long will the floor installation take?

Whether you have new construction or a retrofit, our Sport Court can usually be installed, striped, and ready for use in less than a week.

How much room is required to fit a Sport Court in my backyard?

Our game courts are customized to fit into the available space in your yard and to meet the needs of your interests, sports activities, and lifestyle. In most cases, we can build a court of any size or configuration to construct the court of your dreams, no matter how big or small.

If the Sport Court surface becomes damaged, is it difficult to replace?

Replacing the sport court surfacing is a very simple process. Our game courts are constructed out of extremely durable polypropylene modules, damage is unlikely. However, if it is damaged, and one or two of these modules need to be replaced, our team can quickly and easily fix the issue.

What are the safety benefits of using Sport Court flooring?

When compared to other surfaces, Sport Court’s suspended surfaces are some of the safest offered in the world. Our flooring offers the patented Lateral Forgiveness™, which provides your limbs and joints protection against the stresses that other types of flooring can cause. Additionally, we can adjust the shock absorption to meet your needs.

What colors do your Sport Courts come in?

Our Sport Court modular floors can be manufactured in almost any color you can imagine. We have a standard palette of 20 stock colors, but we can also match the design to your color specifications to match your home’s color scheme or your school colors. We can also personalize your floor with logos or create different colored sections for teaching curriculum.

What court accessories can I purchase?

Our Sport Court game court features a large selection of high-quality accessories, components, and equipment to choose from. Depending on your interests, you may choose lighting systems for playing at night, racquets and nets for tennis, hoops packages for basketball, and more!

What is the lifespan of the Sport Court flooring?

Our Sport Court floors are covered by a 15-year limited warranty. It is expected that they will offer safety, playability, and superior durability for at least the time of the warranty.

Why is it important to work with Sport Court of Pittsburgh’s court builders?

During the process of customizing, designing, and installing your sport court, there are a variety of elements that come into play. Some projects will require excavation or backfill. In some cases, you will need special permits from your city, or a retaining wall put in place to secure your court. When we visit your site, we can see the unique features of your backyard to ensure we install a court that meets your needs.

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