Basketball Courts and other Courts for Cold Climates

December 4, 2018
Indoor Sport Court Pittsburgh

Indoor Basketball Court and Court Flooring Installation Pittsburgh

The wintertime is just around the corner and so it begins – the annual workout slump. With freezing rain, snow and ice becoming a regular threat to your outdoor routine, it’s no wonder your motivation to stay fit drops with the temperature. Unless you have the time to hit the slopes on a regular basis, you are most likely left with utilizing indoor equipment, like the treadmill and free weights. However, if you want to stay on top of your game and you’re more of the sporty type, consider installing an indoor sports court. Sport Court of Pittsburgh is the place for all of your Pittsburgh indoor basketball court and court flooring installation

Exercise All Year Long

An indoor sports court gives you and your family a place to socialize and exercise 24/7, 365 days a year. No longer are the days you have to forego your free-throw, volley or back-hand because of the forecast. Get your family off the couch and onto the court with a court installed by Sport Court of Pittsburgh.

Keep Your Student-Athlete in Tip-Top Shape

Do you have a child that excels in sports? If so, it might be a good time to install an indoor sports court. School sports are quite competitive, especially as student-athletes approach high-school. With school sports and travel teams active all year, team sports schedules are constant. In a region where the weather changes dramatically, you can’t rely on your kids practicing outdoors. Indoor multipurpose sports courts can serve as batting cages, basketball courts, soccer fields and hockey rinks making it perfect for the multi-sport athlete or a family of several student-athletes.

Preventing Injury

There is simply no way to stay healthy and without injury, if you’re practicing on an outdoor court throughout the winter. You are at major risk of injury slipping and falling on wet leaves, ice and snow during the winter months. And while many student-athletes are encouraged to train outdoors well into the fall, realistically, no parent, coach or athletic department would want their students putting their bodies at risk by practicing on an ice and snow covered court of any kind. Investing in an indoor court from Sport Court of Pittsburgh is your best bet for all-year protection against weather-related sports injuries.

Interested in a multi-purpose basketball court? Contact Sport Court of Pittsburgh for all of your indoor and outdoor Pittsburgh basketball court and court flooring installation needs!

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Jay Nagy - J Bird's
Jay Nagy

Owner & Founded of J Bird's Landscaping & Owner Sport Court of PA. 18+ Years of experience in Pittsburgh Sport court installation, lawn cutting, patio installation, trucking/hauling, French drain installation, and other landscape/design services.

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