How Much Does a Sport Court Cost?

December 5, 2019
Sport Court after Installation

When determining the cost of your Sport Court, there are a variety of factors that comes into play when designing building your court. One major factor that affects pricing is the size of the court. The larger the court is, the higher the cost of the sport court installation. It is essential to consider the size of the court as well as other factors that can alter the cost of the construction.

There are five major components to your basketball court costs, including:

Site Preparation

Before building your sport, there needs to be a flat surface to build on. The first step of the installation process is to prepare your property. This can include leveling, excavating, grading, and any other work that is needed to make your installation site hard and flat to provide a stable foundation for your sport court. The accessibility of your property is another factor that can affect costs. If your property is difficult to access and can’t accommodate specific equipment, it can draw out the preparation process and require specialized equipment to get the job done.

The more work that is required to prep the site, the higher the cost can become.

Base/Foundation Material

The base material is the material used as a foundation for your court. The base material may include asphalt, concrete, modular bases, or crushed stone. In many cases, courts are built on tops of a 4” concrete slab, using ½” rebar reinforcements. If you plan to keep your sport court as a permanent structure on your property, concrete is the ideal base material. Asphalt, on the other hand, can deteriorate through repeated freezing and thawing cycles in areas like Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, requiring repair and maintenance over time.

Modular bases give you a less permanent base if lot coverage or zoning restrictions are an issue.

Sport Court Surface

The surfacing of your court can be paint, modular, or acrylic surfacing, each with their own cost and benefits. Depending on the type of surfacing you choose, it can lower or raise the price. At Sport Court of Pittsburgh, we can help you choose the best kind of surfacing to ensure you get a sport court that best suits your needs.

Sport Court Components

The components are the exciting part of the court construction and provide the accessories that make your backyard sport court unique. Sport court components include things such as basketball hoops, containment netting, lighting, rebounders, ad net systems. Prices for these accessories vary. Whether you are an avid tennis player and want a net installed or are looking for a basketball hoop to enjoy with family, Sport Court of Pittsburgh can accommodate your needs with a wide range of court components.

Sports Court Installation

Installing the court and its components is the final step to the process. The cost of labor for your court installation and line painting takes roughly 1-2 days. As long as no issues arise, the only cost associated with the installation is the cost of labor.

Your backyard sport court is a significant investment, requiring a lot of your time, money, and energy. Don’t let your efforts go to waste by using a contractor that is uninsured, unlicensed, or inexperienced in building sport courts. Without an experienced contractor, you will not receive the support, care, and quality that you need to avoid future issues.

At Sport Court of Pittsburgh, we provide our clients with high-quality, licensed services performed by our experienced contractors. We take pride in providing those in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas with sport courts that they can enjoy for years to come. Contact us today to learn more!

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Jay Nagy - J Bird's
Jay Nagy

Owner & Founded of J Bird's Landscaping & Owner Sport Court of PA. 18+ Years of experience in Pittsburgh Sport court installation, lawn cutting, patio installation, trucking/hauling, French drain installation, and other landscape/design services.

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