Preparing for Basketball Season

November 5, 2019
Basketball Court Drills

With basketball season on its way, it’s time to begin preparing for the season. Your sport court is a great tool that can be used as your practice area areas where you can run drills and refine your basketball skills for the season.

As the leading provider of basketball courts in Pittsburgh, Sport Court of Pittsburgh has put together a list of tips that can help you get ready for a winning season!

Getting Strong Before Basketball Tryouts

While watching the NBA preseason, it is essential to remember that you’re the star players spend hours practicing on their home basketball courts. With plenty of time to spare before tryouts, you have time to improve your strength and skills to help you become a star player on your team.

Your natural physical gifts do not dictate your playing ability. Even if you aren’t the tallest on the team, developing your quickness, explosiveness and lateral movement can boost your performance. Focus on improving your upper body strength.

This will help you prepare to stand your ground better, make powerful passes, fend off the defenders, and overall boost your game. You should also focus on improving your lower body strength to help you become stronger for running and jumping during a game.

Practice Your Basketball Skills

Between homework, chores, and activities with your friends, it can be nearly impossible to make it to the gym at a convenient hour. With a basketball court at home, you can practice easily in your free time. A bonus is that some of the best exercises you can do will not require any extra equipment. Activities such as push-ups can improve your strength in your shoulders, arms, chest, and your core to help upgrade your performance.

To improve defensive shuffling, do lateral lunges. These are done by standing on your basketball court, stepping out to the right with your right leg, bending, and holding the position for two seconds. Return to a standing position and repeat this movement ten times and then switch sides.

To improve your explosive movements, do glute bridges. This exercise is done by laying down on the basketball court floor with knees bent at 90 degrees and with feet flat on the ground. Squeeze your glutes to bring up your hips while keeping your shoulders and heels in the same place. Hold this position and then lower your hips back down to the floor. Repeat this movement ten times.

Keep Your Basketball Court in Shape

At Sport Court of Pittsburgh, we can help you keep your basketball court in shape with our sport court maintenance services. Pittsburgh area customers can take advantage of these services by contacting us today!

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Jay Nagy - J Bird's
Jay Nagy

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