Preparing Your Outdoor Sport Court for Spring

March 31, 2020
Basketball Court Maintenance

With the weather warming up in Pittsburgh, spring is right around the corner, making this a great time to get your sport court ready for the season. Before you start enjoying your Sport Court again, there are a variety of steps you should take to prepare your sport court for use.

At Sport Court of Pittsburgh, your baseball court installation experts, we’ve put together some tips on how to prepare your court for the spring season.

Clean off Standing Water on Your Sport Court

If your sport court was covered with snow and ice throughout the winter, or with water from all the recent rain, there is likely to be standing water on your sport court. It is crucial to remove any standing water from your court to prevent mold and mildew from forming. Standing water also attracts mosquitos and other unwanted pests that can take away from the fun of the game.

Remove Debris from The Court

>Over the winter, it is likely that a variety of different debris built up on your sport court. From branches and dirt to dust and leaves, your sport court will need a thorough cleaning to get it ready for springtime activities. To remove this debris, you can use a broom to sweep everything away. For dirt that is harder to sweep away, you can use a leaf blower to blow it away.

Can’t Get All the Dirt and Grime off the court? Call the Professionals

If you have dirt and grime on your court that is too difficult to remove, it is important to contact the professionals. Look for a company that has the right equipment to safely pressure wash your sport court. This will help to rejuvenate your court have it looking like new!

Has your sport court seen better days? It may be time to have a new sport court installed or a new surface installed. When you search for “Outdoor Sport Court Installers Near Me,” be sure to choose the experienced team at Sport Court of Pittsburgh.

Contact us today to learn more about our many sport court options!

About the Author:

Jay Nagy - J Bird's
Jay Nagy

Owner & Founded of J Bird's Landscaping & Owner Sport Court of PA. 18+ Years of experience in Pittsburgh Sport court installation, lawn cutting, patio installation, trucking/hauling, French drain installation, and other landscape/design services.

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