Sport Court Vs. a Pool

August 2, 2018
Sport Court Pittsburgh

Creating an outdoor, multi-purpose fun zone for the whole family.

Sport Court of Pittsburgh knows adding a pool to your home can be an awesome addition to anyone’s backyard. They’re great for entertaining, beneficial to your health, and can keep the family amused all summer break. But, what happens when the days grow cold and the kids head back to school? While pools are a great amenity for the whole family, the enjoyment is short-lived once the seasons change.

If you’re torn between installing a pool, Sports Court of Pittsburgh offers some insight on why installing an outdoor, multi-functional sports court may be a better investment for your family.

Multi-Functional Use. 

Pools are a great way to hang out with friends and family, and they’re a great way to get exercise and relieve stress. However, all you can use it for is to swim and they often lose their hype after some time. Many homeowners are leaning towards outdoor sports courts because of their year-round, multi-functional space. Enjoy activities like,

  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Dek hockey
  • Pickle Ball
  • Volleyball
  • Even, Yoga or Pilates

Wintertime? Nothing better than an old-fashioned snowball fight!

Low Maintenance.

Maintaining a pool takes a lot work that continues the whole time its in use. You need to regularly treat a pool with chemicals, ensuring chlorine, calcium and PH levels are balanced. Outside of the occasional need to rake a few leaves, sports courts are virtually maintenance-free.


While pools are great for playtime, there is always the threat of injury, or even death. The threat of diving accidents and drowning are simply the realities of owning a pool. And, while most pool owners take preventative measures to keeping swimmers safe, there are times young children, or the elderly may wonder and get themselves into a devastating incident. Combining alcohol when swimming can also create safety concerns. While swimming is fantastic time, turning your head for one second can lead to disaster.

While many consider the idea of installing a pool, sports courts just may be the way to go. They’re a safer, more functional alternative than a family pool. They can be used nearly all-year long and offer the opportunity for everybody in the household to enjoy their favorite activity. Sports Courts of Pittsburgh is your leading residential sports court builder. Call us for a FREE estimate us 412-224-0639 or 412-337-4758!

About the Author:

Jay Nagy - J Bird's
Jay Nagy

Owner & Founded of J Bird's Landscaping & Owner Sport Court of PA. 18+ Years of experience in Pittsburgh Sport court installation, lawn cutting, patio installation, trucking/hauling, French drain installation, and other landscape/design services.

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