Is My Yard Big Enough for a Sport Court?

Saturday, May 15, 21 By Jay Nagy

Tennis court

Having a home sport court comes with various perks. From having a place for family fun to having an area where you can practice your skills or get in shape, a home sport court adds enjoyment and value to your home. From tennis and basketball to pickleball and batting cages, there are endless possibilities for … Continue reading “Is My Yard Big Enough for a Sport Court?”

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Improve Your Basketball Skills with these Drills

Monday, Apr 12, 21 By Jay Nagy

Basketball Court

Practice makes perfect is a phrase every athlete has heard from a coach or a parent. While you may have excellent shooting skills, you also need to build your endurance on the court. This is where conditioning drills come in. These basic drills will help you up your endurance with jumping and running and help … Continue reading “Improve Your Basketball Skills with these Drills”

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An Explanation to Land Grading

Saturday, Mar 20, 21 By Jay Nagy

Land Excavation for Sport Court

Before installing your sport court or completing other landscaping and hardscaping projects, you may have to grade your land. Land grading means to level the surface. When we grade your land, we take dirt from the higher areas and move it to the lower areas to help create a level surface that will serve as … Continue reading “An Explanation to Land Grading”

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Great Backyard Additions

Wednesday, Feb 10, 21 By Jay Nagy

Back yard and deck

When the weather warms up, you will want to enjoy your outdoor space as much as possible. If you are looking for a way to upgrade your backyard, Sport Court of Pittsburgh has a few great ideas for you!

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Quarantine Workouts Staying Fit at Home

Tuesday, Jan 26, 21 By Jay Nagy

Home Gym Workout

With the recent changes to COVID-19 safety regulations, your gym may be shut down, or you may have decided that you are more comfortable working out from the comfort of your home. To help you get into a home workout routine, we’ve put together some of the top quarantine workouts to try while getting fit … Continue reading “Quarantine Workouts Staying Fit at Home”

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Turning a Bedroom into a Home Gym

Monday, Dec 14, 20 By Jay Nagy

Workout in a Home Gym

If you have a spare bedroom, you may be looking for a way to better utilize it. A popular option is to transform the room into a home gym. Having your own gym at home can reduce the stress of rushing to the gym after work and will likely help you keep your workouts on … Continue reading “Turning a Bedroom into a Home Gym”

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Why Sign up For Fall Athletics?

Thursday, Nov 5, 20 By Jay Nagy

Kids playing basketball

With the school year underway, you may think your child’s schedule is already too full between homework, making friends, and learning new things, but signing them up for a fall sport, such as basketball, can have a variety of benefits!

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How to Play Pickleball

Monday, Oct 5, 20 By Jay Nagy

Pickleball paddles

Pickleball is a sport that is rising in popularity in the United States due to the short learning curve. This game is played on a rectangular 44’ by 20’ court that is divided into two sides using a low net.

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Popular Games for Tennis Courts

Monday, Aug 24, 20 By Jay Nagy

Dodgeballs on sport court

A tennis court is a versatile playing area that the entire family can use! There are a variety of games that can be played on a tennis court that don’t require extensive equipment or complicated set up that both children and adults can enjoy!

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Reasons to Invest in a Home Sport Court

Tuesday, Jul 21, 20 By Jay Nagy

Family playing basketball in backyard

Many home exterior projects can add value and curb appeal to your home. Many of these renovations are done when you are ready to sell, but an addition such as a sport court can be enjoyed by you and your family until you are ready to sell your home.

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